We transform, renovate, design and decorate.

Design-Renov Architecture

Built on a teamwork basis and capitalized by the exchange and sharing of skills, Design-Renov Architecture transforms the sum of individual knowledge into an increased creative potential.

We are an architectural studio based in Gollion, Switzerland, focused on the transformation, renovation, design and decoration of spaces, and offering a quality service, from the conception to the realization in the area of interior architecture.

We study in detail the function, layout and decoration of all the spaces to be remodeled.

Our target is to provide the best solution considering four criteria: functionality, simplicity, aesthetic and financial aspect.

We pay special attention to the details, in order to reevaluate the spaces as the client imagines them.

Our experience and professionalism, together with our understanding and passion for architectural design, allow us to offer a service adapted to the client ‘s needs, preferences and desires.







Preliminary draft

  • Analysis of the client’s needs and preferences.
  • Analysis of the existing plans, in situ verifications.
  • Study of different alternatives and creation of plans and 3D images.
  • First estimation costs of construction.
  • Preparation of the necessary documents to expose different propositions.

  • Correction and adaptation of the initial draft according to client’s observations.
  • Queries to specialists and integration of their recommendations.
  • Definitive project development.
  • Preparation of plans and detailed descriptions for the different professionals that will be involved.
  • Choice of materials together with the client.
  • Study of technical details and integration of the specialist’s recommendations, considering the client’s desired quality / price ratio.
  • Budget request to the different contractors involved.
  • Calculation of total budget.
  • Preparation of a detailed schedule of work execution.

  • Preparation of final plans and distribution of the necessary documents for the execution of the work.
  • Supervision and general direction of work
  • Materials and supplies control.
  • Organization of periodic meetings with contractors.
  • Preparation and distribution of the periodic meetings protocol.
  • Monitoring and control of costs.
  • Management of any modification that may occur during construction.
  • Reception of final work and control of any possible constructional faults, defects or failures.
  • Management of the correction of defects, repairs, modifications and finishes 
  • Preparation of the final settlement of the work.
  • Organization, if necessary, of warranty work.


Rue de Mussel 2
CH-1124 Gollion

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